The Department of Pathology Residency Program -
Surgical/Autopsy Pathology at the Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Health System (VAPHS)

During the first year of training, residents fulfill core requirements in the anatomic pathology division by aquiring skills in surgical and autopsy pathology, which include dissection of organs, macroscopic description, histological procedures, and microscopic studies.

Residents are expected to participate in weekly interdepartmental Tumor Board conferences with the Departments of Surgery and Hematology/Oncology, the bimonthly case review conference with the Department of Medicine, and the monthly mortality conference. They are also expected to present interesting autopsy cases at the weekly autopsy conference and are required to present a seminar on a topic of their own interest to the pathology staff.

Research Emphasis

The VAPHS works closely with the Division of Molecular Diagnostics in investigations of experimental and clinical immunology and biochemical pathology. The experimental work in immunology and genetics concentrates on the structure of the major histocompatibility complex and its control of immunologic functions. Clinical studies focus on several immunological diseases. The work in biochemical pathology involves various studies of lipid metabolism.

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