The Department of Pathology Residency Program -
Surgical Pathology at Presbyterian and Montefiore University Hospitals

The surgical pathology rotation at Presbyterian and Montefiore University Hospitals provides the pathology resident with exposure to biopsy and resection specimens from general surgical services as well as from the surgical oncology groups affiliated with the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, the Transplantation Institute, and the Eye & Ear Institute Pavilion. The resident is responsible for processing gross material in close association with pathologist's assistants and under the supervision of a staff pathologist. Routine histologic slide reviews are supplemented with sophisticated immunohistologic and in situ hybridization testing.

The surgical pathology rotation provides exposure to more than 26,000 surgical specimens per year. Many cases require operating room consultation, which allows the resident to interact with surgical colleagues and become proficient in performing and interpreting frozen section preparations. The close relationship of the pathologists and surgeons leads to a large number of weekly interactive clinicopathologic specialty conferences that supplement a staple of pathology- based conferences, including a twice-weekly slide review, a weekly dermatopathology conference, and a weekly didactic interhospital surgical pathology conference.

Research Emphasis

Major areas of investigation include immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization analysis of diseases and tumors of the head and neck, lung, gastrointestinal tract, and genitourinary tract; electron microscopy of tumors; and the analysis of inflammatory diseases of the lung, kidneys, and blood vessels.

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