The Department of Pathology Residency Program -
Outstanding Research and Excellence in Clinical Practice

The Department of Pathology offers a comprehensive training program in all aspects of pathology, with the primary goal of training residents for careers in academic and hospital pathology. Subspecialty training is emphasized in a department that provides a broad and enriching environment for such study. Residents can choose programs in anatomic pathology (AP), clinical pathology (CP), or a combined AP/CP program.

The combined program requires four years of training and includes an 18-month core program in anatomic and clinical pathology. The remainder of time is distributed among a variety of voluntary electives.

A residency in either anatomic or clinical pathology requires three years to be eligible for certification by the American Board of Pathology; within these three years, two formal years of AP or CP training are required. The remainder of the time is distributed among voluntary electives. The department recommends that additional time be used to pursue subspecialty training in a specific aspect of pathology or an area of research interest. The residency director will work with each resident to design a training program tailored for the individual.

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