Site Administrators

Fang He, MS 
Fang is currently appointed as Director of Academic Computing Services and WWW Administration in the Department of Pathology. Fang's knowledge of IT technology and the LAN allows him to also function as a departmental LAN administrator.

This site could not have been possible without the assistance of:

Michael J. Becich, MD, PhD
Dr. Michael Becich is Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Pathology as well as Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Informatics. His interest and support in this project and its personnel have been instrumental in helping us to reach the goals we have met so far, and to set ever higher standards for ourselves and our website.
William Gross
Bill is the LIS Manager for the Department of Pathology, and has provided us with the hardware resources required to even consider a project such as ours. Bill has supported the project in every manner, and allowed and encouraged us to upgrade our network capabilities to meet our changing goals, ideas, and needs.
Ishtiaque Ahmed
Ishtiaque is a Systems Analyst in the Department of Pathology. Ishtiaque configures and maintains the telepathology servers used by the Department. He also manages the RealAudio/Video servers for the LIVE and archive broadcast of the Pathology Tele-conferences.
Michael Sendek
Mike is a CP PC/PC Applications Support person.

Pathology Website Alumni:

Carl J. DiGiorgio
Carl is currently a radiologist at Western Penn Hospital. His specialties include UNIX system adminstration and the X Window environment. He has used these skills to implement a LINUX system for use as the first generation of departmental web server.
Charlie Hatton
Charlie has been a part of the Pathology website project for over three years. Charlie's contributions to date have included collecting and formatting much of our online information, LINUX configuration and system administration, web administration, and CGI programming, including several scripts currently in use by our server.
Ben Craigo
Ben is a recent addition to our Academic Computing team. He supports PC hardware, software and network connections in the Department of Pathology. He is also instrumental in Staff Training, WWW Support/Publication and, most recently, Perl scripting.