Clinical Virology Laboratory -
Sample Schedule of a Typical Clinical Virology Rotation

Introduction to Clinical Virology (Dr. Rinaldo).
Clinical virology self-exam is provided to the resident.
Tour of the lab facilities.
Explanation of laboratory work-flow (directed by individual technologists)

Rotations: Blood processing, PCR for Chlamydia trachomatis, C. difficile test, CNAT, FLUNAT, Antigen immunofluorescence staining, special assays (read viral cultures, HSV typing, adenoclone, respiratory virus testing, etc.).
Review of lab procedure manual

Technologist explains handling of specimens for VIRC, RESVIR, CMVAG, NAT testing, also Rotaclone as available
C. difficile work-up .
Discussion of results of special tests: tube cultures

Resident sees the Vidiera extraction machine for CNAT testing
Identification of viruses by immunofluorescence
Self-exam answers are given to the resident

Discussion of self-exam with Dr. Rinaldo . Resident is shown Chlamydia, VZV, HSVT (typing), CMVAG, VZVDAT and HSVDAT slides and positive tube cultures (as available)

Completion of any unfinished work