Clinical Virology Laboratory -
Clinical Lab Learning Opportunities for UPMC Residents

  • Learn the basics of clinical virology (cell culture, immunohistochemistry and molecular assays) in the clinical virology lab (1 week, core material).

  • Learn the basics of clinical mycology in the mycology area of the laboratory (1 week, core material).

  • Learn the microbiology of sexually transmitted diseases, including molecular applications at UPMC-Magee Hospital (1 week, core material).

  • Electives for senior residents are customized with the Rotation and Program Director depending on the resident's learning objectives which may range from learning general microbiology in greater detail or pursuing an advanced clinical research project in a specific area of microbiology.

  • Interested senior residents may also assume a greater independent role in the daily consultative activities of the microbiology laboratory if the Director is comfortable with their knowledge level.