Clinical Virology Laboratory -
Pathology Resident Training Program Details

Rotation: Microbiology

Duration: Eight weeks as part of the Clinical Pathology core experience for Anatomic Pathology (AP)/Clinical Pathology (CP) or CP-only residents. One to six months (typically two to four weeks) as elective for senior residents

When:  Eight weeks in PGY-2 for AP/CP residents or PGY-1 for CP-only residents (core rotation). One additional month of elective experience in PGY-3 (CP-only residents) or PGY-3-4 (AP/CP residents).

Goals and Objectives

  • Review and become proficient with fundamental concepts for diagnostic clinical microbiology laboratory services in bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology by rotating through the microbiology service at several locations which present a diversity of clinical microbiology samples.

  • Become knowledgeable about appropriate specimen types, bench techniques used in the processing and identification of specific microorganisms by observing clinical lab technologists, and assuming responsibility for a subset of cultures.

  • Become familiar with current issues and practice in infectious diseases and laboratory assays by attending daily infectious disease clinical rounds and other conferences.

  • Refresh and expand competencies in laboratory management activities within the Division.