Michael S. Landau, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology

Dr. Landau is a member of the Division of Anatomic Pathology.

Office Location:
Rm. A616
UPMC Presbyterian Hospital
Pathology Department
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Contact Information: Office Telephone: (412) 864-3406
Email: landaums2@upmc.edu


  • MD - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2010

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Landau is a surgical pathologist with a subspecialty focus in gastrointestinal/pancreatobiliary pathology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital.

Research Interests

My research focuses on diagnostic and prognostic features of neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases of the GI tract.


  • Certification in Anatomic Pathology, American Board of Pathology, 2013


Gastrointestinal and Pancreatobiliary Pathology

Selected Publications

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  • Landau MS, Hastings SM, Foxwell TJ, et al. "Tumor budding is associated with an increased risk of lymph node metastasis and poor prognosis in superficial esophageal adenocarcinoma." Modern Pathology. 2014 Dec;27(12):1578-89.
  • Landau MS, Kuan SF, Chiosea S, Pai RK. "BRAF-mutated microsatellite stable colorectal carcinoma: an aggressive adenocarcinoma with reduced CDX2 and increased cytokeratin 7 immunohistochemical expression." Human Pathology. 2014 Aug;45(8):1704-12.
  • Chen D, Goldblum JR, Landau M, Rice TW, Pai RK, Xiao SY, Liu X. "Semiquantitative histologic evaluation improves diagnosis of esophageal carcinoma cuniculatum on biopsy." Modern Pathology. 2013 Jun;26(6):806-15.
  • Landau M, Goldblum JR, DeRoche T, Dumot J, Downs-Kelly E, Rice TW, Xiao SY, Liu X. "Esophageal carcinoma cuniculatum: report of 9 cases." American Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2012 Jan;36(1):8-17.
  • Liu X, Goldblum JR, Zhao Z, Landau M, Heald B, Pai R, Lin J. "Distinct clinicohistologic features of inflammatory bowel disease-associated colorectal adenocarcinoma: in comparison with sporadic microsatellite-stable and Lynch syndrome-related colorectal adenocarcinoma." American Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2012 Aug;36(8):1228-33.