Pathology Graduate Training Program
Cellular and Molecular Pathology (CMP) -

Name: Jason M. D'Antonio

Undergraduate Degree: BA
Undergraduate Degree Year: 1997
Undergraduate Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy and Environmental, Population & Organismic Biology

Academic Status: 4th Year

Graduate Program: Cellular & Molecular Pathology

Thesis Advisor: Beth R. Pflug, Ph.D.

Thesis Title/Research Topic: The Role of the Endothelin-Axis in Androgen Ablation and Progression of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Current Research Description: Hormone therapy is the primary means of treating advanced, metastatic prostate cancer. We are investigating the effects of androgen ablation on the expression of endothelin-1 and its cognate receptors, ETA & ETB. ETA is a 7TM GPC-Receptor that when bound to endothelin-1, a 21 amino acid vasoactive peptide, produces a survival signal via PI3K-to-AKT activation in prostate cancer cells. We propose that the up-regulation of the endothelin-1/ETA axis promotes prostate cancer cell survival, allowing them to endure the stress of androgen deprivation, contributing to the progression to hormone-refractory disease.

Undergraduate Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key National Honors Society
Dean's List, Graduated with Distinction

Graduate Honors:
An independent, 3-year Department of Defense predoctoral grant.


  1. Beth R. Pflug, Hong Zheng, Michael S. Udan, Jason M. D'Antonio, Fray F. Marshall, James D. Brooks and Joel B. Nelson. Endothelin-1 Promotes Cell Survival in Renal Cell Carcinoma through the ETA Receptor. Cancer Letters (in press). 2006.

  2. Nicolls MR, D'Antonio JM, Hutton JC, Gill RG, Czwornog JL, Duncan MW. Proteomics as a tool for discovery: proteins implicated in Alzheimer's disease are highly expressed in normal pancreatic islets. J Proteome Res. 2003 Mar-Apr;2(2):199-205.