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Grzegorz (Greg) Gurda, MD, PhD (University of Michigan 2010) - AP/CP Resident, PGY4, at Johns Hopkins Hospital -

  • Greg plans to pursue fellowship training in Breast/Gyn pathology as a clinical instructor in 2014-15, followed by the Molecular Genetic Fellowship in 2015-2016, and the PIRRT research year in 2016-2017.
  • My interests lie at the intersection of endocrinology, metabolism and neoplasia. My work addresses diet and hormonal milieu as important components of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment/treatment-resistance within cancer subtypes specific to gastroenterology and women's health."

Thomas Pearce, MD, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis, expected 2014)

  • My scientific interests are centered around understanding how the brain processes information, particularly during behaviors critical to every-day life such as learning, memory, and control of movement. For my research years during residency (through the PIRRT program) and neuropathology fellowship training, I am excited to working in the laboratory of Rob Turner, studying the cortico-thalamo-basal ganglia circuit in a primate model of Parkinsonism.
  • Clinically, I find the diagnostic process of Pathology interesting; and given my love of the brain, I am unsurprisingly planning to specialize further with a fellowship in Neuropathology.
  • Outside of the lab/hospital, I love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, golf, tennis, and team sports of all varieties. I also enjoy brewing beer, cooking, and computer programming. Walking through Squirrel Hill to try all the excellent restaurants is another favorite activity.

Rebecca Leeman-Neill, MD, PhD

Dr. Leeman-Neill - Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University MSTP
- Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology with Jennifer Grandis
- Started Pathology residency training in 2010
- PIRRT funded research year: 2011-12 with Dr. Yuri Nikiforov

"The PIRRT program has given me the opportunity to pursue my research interests during residency. As an AP/CP resident, I have completed my first year of residency, including most of the introductory AP rotations…[and spent] this year (my second year) as a PIRRT fellow in Dr. Yuri Nikiforov's lab, researching the possible genetic basis of individual susceptibility to radiation induced thyroid carcinogenesis in a post-Chernobyl cohort."

Jason Cheng-Hsuan Chiang, MD, PhD

Dr. Leeman-Neill - Johns Hopkins University
- PhD in Neuroscience with Hongjun Song; Post-doctoral with Guo-li Ming
- National Taiwan University School of Medicine, M.D.
- Started Pathology residency training: 2011
- PIRRT funded research year: 2014-15 with Dr. Chu

"I always love research. PIRRT program is an excellent combination of both clinical and research training!"