Marta I. Minervini, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology

Dr. Minervini is a member of the Division of Transplantation Pathology. She is the presenter of the weekly Small Bowel Conference for our division.
Office Location:
Division of Transplantation Pathology
Department of Pathology
UPMC Montefiore, Room E742
3459 5th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Contact Information:
Office Phone: 412-647-9504
Fax: 412-647-5237


MD, University of Bari, Italy, 1991

Clinical Experties

Pathologic evaluation of native, donor and allograft liver, kidney and heart, allograft small intestine pancreas and consult cases.

Research Expertise

Liver Perfusion Study: Pre-clinical Extracorporeal Machine Perfusion (organ Assists) preservation for Liver Transplantation Animal Study protocol (Study director: Dr. P. Fontes).

Evaluate the possiblity of using liver tissue biopsy analysis to assess patient metabolic parameters (e.g CRP expression in steatotic livers) instead of simply determining the presence or absence of disease.

Selected Publications

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