John M. Kirkwood, MD
Professor of Medicine,
Dermatology and Translational Science
Director, Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program

Office Location:
HCC Suite 1.32
5117 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1863
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-623-7707
Lab Telephone: 412-623-3243


AB; Oberlin, 1969
MD; Yale, 1973

Clinical Experties and Research Interest

Immunotherapy and molecular therapy of melanoma, both in the advanced setting and in the adjuvant setting

Selected Publications

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  1. Fourcade J, Sun Z, Benallaoua M, Guillaume P, Luescher IF, Sander C, Kirkwood JM, Kuchroo V, Zarour HM. Upregulation of Tim-3 and PD-1 expression is associated with tumor antigen-specific CD8+ T cell dysfunction in melanoma patients. J Exp Med. 2010 Sep 27;207(10):2175-2186. Epub 2010 Sep 6. PubMed PMID: 20819923; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2947081.
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  3. Simons DL, Lee G, Kirkwood JM, Lee PP. Interferon signaling patterns in peripheral blood lymphocytes may predict clinical response and outcome after high-dose interferon therapy in melanoma patients. J Transl Med. 2011 May 5;9(1):52. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 21545749.PMCID:3114759.
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  5. Wong JL, Mailliard RB, Moschos SJ, Edington H, Lotze M, Kirkwood JM, Kalinski P. Helper activity of NK cells during the dendritic cell-mediated induction of melanoma-specific cytotoxic T-cells. J Immunother. 2011 Apr;34(3):270-8. PMCID:3057371.
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  8. Schaefer C, Butterfield LH, Lee S, Kim G, Visus C, Albers A, Kirkwood JM, Whiteside TL. Function but not phenotype of melanoma peptide-specific CD8+ t cells correlate with survival in a multi-epitope peptide vaccine trial (ECOG 1696). Intl J Cancer. 2011 Oct 24. Doi: 10.1002/ijc.26481. PMID: 22021080.
  9. Kalinski P, Edington H, Zeh HJ, Okada H, Butterfield LH, Kirkwood JM, Bartlett DL. Dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy: vaccines or autologous transplants? Immunol Res. 2011 Aug;50(2-3):235-47
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  11. Tarhini AA, Butterfield L, Kalinski P, Shuai Y, Gooding WE, Kirkwood JM. Differing Patterns of Circulating Regulatory T-Cells and Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Metastatic Melanoma Patients Receiving Anti-CTLA4 Antibody and Interferon-alpha or TLR-9 Agonist and GM-CSF with Peptide Vaccination. J Immunother. 2012 Nov;35(9):702-10.PMID:23090079. PMC3513773.