Division of Molecular Genomic Pathology - Research

Faculty who participate in Division activities engage in a rich variety of basic, clinical and applied research projects with rotational experiences available to undergraduate students, graduate students, residents and post-doctoral fellows who are interested and can arrange elective time. Current areas of interest include free radicals and tissue damage, programmed cell death, systems biology, infectious diseases - particularly virology, oncology, familial cancer genetics, DNA sequencing applications in clinical diagnostics, health care economics of molecular testing, and ethical issues in molecular genetic testing.
  • Dr. Marie DeFrances studies molecular mechanisms of PI3-kinase signal transduction in hepatocyte proliferation, liver regeneration, metabolism and hepatoceullar cancer using in vitro and in vivo knock-out mouse models.
  • Dr. Zoltan Oltvaiís research interest is in the area of systems biology, focusing on how the functional organization of molecular interaction networks define and constrain cellular functions. He is also interested in translational applications of next generation sequencing in microbiology, oncology and genetic diseases.
  • Dr. Tim Oury investigates the role of reactive oxygen species in pulmonary disease and innate immunity with a focus on how oxidative modification of components of the extracellular matrix contributes to inflammatory responses and pulmonary fibrosis and how the enzyme extracellular superoxide dismutase (EC-SOD) modulates these responses. An additional area of emphasis is the role of the receptor for advanced glycation endproducts (RAGE) in interstitial lung disease and asthma. Dr. Oury co-directs the Departmentís Pathologist Investigator Residency Training Program to transition physician scientist trainees into academic faculty professorships.