Molecular & Genomic Pathology - Research

Research efforts of the Molecular Genomic Pathology Division faculty are focused on the areas of molecular diagnostics in solid tumors. The main directions are:
  1. Identifying novel diagnostic and prognostic mutational markers of thyroid cancer using next generation sequencing (Yuri Nikiforov)
  2. identifying novel tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes and tumor markers for prostate cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma using high throughput and comprehensive analyses (Jianhua Luo
  3. developing multi-gene panels for molecular oncology using next generation sequencing (Marina Nikiforova)
  4. identifying novel miRNA markers for thyroid cancer and genetic markers for brain tumors (Marina Nikiforova)
  5. characterizing clinical significance and mechanisms of genetic changes, such as mutant allele specific imbalance, associated with KRAS, BRAF, and EGFR mutations in various types of solid tumors (Simion Chiosea)
In addition, the High Throughput Genome Center (Director, Jianhua Luo) supports collaborations with faculty members in the UPMC and University campuses in using high throughput genome sequencing and high throughput microarray analyses for investigating novel mechanisms of signal transduction and identifying biomarkers for human diseases.