Pathology Graduate Training Program
Cellular and Molecular Pathology (CMP) -
Current Graduate Students

Name: Ricardo Londono
Lab Phone: 412-624-5252
Mentor Name: Stephen Badylak, MD, PhD

Name of school attended: Florida International University
Undergraduate degree: B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Project Information:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of biomaterial-mediated esophageal repair


VanEpps JS, Londono R, Nieponice A, Vorp DA. Design and validation of a system to simulate coronary flexure dynamics on arterial segments perfused ex vivo. Biomech Model Mechanobiol. 2009 Feb;8(1):57-66.

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Modeling the Immune Response to Allogeneic Pancreatic Islets. - Giorgio Raimondi, Jamie L. Haney, Ricardo Londono, Joyeeta Dutta-Moscato, James R. Faeder, and Yoram Vodovotz.

Effects of Biological Scaffold Decellularization on Macrophage Phenotype. - Londono, Ricardo; Turner, Neill; Keane, Tim; Badylak, Stephen F

Effects of Macrophage-Conditioned Media on Neural Stem Cell Migration and Proliferation. - Londono R; Crapo P; Badylak SF

Monocyte phenotype modulation with different levels of biologic scaffold decellularization. - Londono, R; Tottey, S; Badylak SF

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Biological Assessment of a Novel Cyclic Bending Device for Ex-vivo Vascular Organ Culture - Londono, R; VanEpps, JS; Chew WD, and Vorp, DA.

Development of a Novel Device to Apply Coronary-Like Bending Motion to Intact Vascular Segments Perfused Ex-vivo. - Ricardo Londono; J. Scot VanEpps; Robert J. Toth; Alejandro Nieponice, M.D.; David A. Vorp, PhD.


Society for Biomaterials, April 10-13, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. "The Immune Response to Xenogeneic Acellular Biologic Scaffold Materials"