Gross Description -- peritonitis


Received is a 25.0 cm. segment of small intestine with attached mesentery. The serosal surface is dull with areas of tan-white, purulent exudate. In the mid portion of the serosal surface, there is a 3.0 x 2.3 x 2.0 cm polypoid, pedunculated mass. Opening the bowel reveals a 4.5 cm. uniform circumference. The mucosa is tan and shows normal folds. In the mid portion of the mucosal surface, corresponding with the polypoid mass on the serosa, there is a small raised papilla with a pinpoint lumen which appears to have a tortuous connection with the serosal polypoid mass. The mucosa surrounding the papilla is slightly edematous with focal erosions. Within the wall of the polypoid mass, there are multiple round tan -white nodules noted.

Additionally received is a 4.0 cm. vermiform appendix with attached periappendiceal fat. The serosa is dull with areas of white purulent material. Sectioning reveals no obvious fecalith and the lumen appears patent.

Microscopic Description


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