Related Studies -- Dyspnea and Leukocytosis


Flow Cytometric Immunophenotypic Studies:

Flow cytometric immunophenotypic studies were performed on the peripheral blood with 2 regions analyzed. Region one, corresponding to the lymphoid region, demonstrated T lymphoid cells expressing CD2, CD3, CD5, CD7, CD4 and CD45RO. Tdt and CD8 were negative. Region 2, representing the larger noncomplex cells, demonstrated a population of myeloid blasts positive for CD13, CD33,CD14, CD15, and myeloperoxidase, and were negative for CD34. Co-expression of CD4 was also present on the myeloid cells.

Cytogenetic Studies:

Six cells were analyzed. All demonstrated an abnormal chromosome pattern with loss of the Y chromosome and a translocation involving 8p and 22q; that is, t(8,22)(p11.2;q13). One subclone was identified with an apparent translocation involving 2q and 22q.

Genotypic Studies

Molecular studies performed on peripheral blood showed a clonal rearrangement of the T-cell receptor beta chain. t(15;17) was not identified by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction.



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