Case Index by Diagnosis - 2003

Case Index by Diagnosis - Complete Listing

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373A woman in her 70s with recurrent meningioma (COM-BP)
372A male in his 50s with anemia, neutropenia, and lymphopenia (CP-1203)
371A male in his 30s with a mediastinal B-cell lymphoma (AP-1203)
370A male in his 70s with meningioma (AP-1103)
369A female in her 20s with Refsum's disease (CP-1103)
368Neonatal female with congenital gemistocytic astrocytoma. (COM-BP)
367A man in his 50s with gliosarcoma
366A female in her 40s with systemic mastocytosis (CP-1003)
365A female in her 70s with non-small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (AP-1003)
364A woman in her 50s with Listerial Rhombencephalitis (COM-BP)
363A male in his 80s with malignant non-hodgkings lymphoma (AP-0903)
362Myelodysplastic syndrome and bone marrow transplant engraftment failure (CP-0903)
361A woman in her 70s with gliosarcoma (COM-BP)
360A woman in her 50s with a phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor of the cavernous sinus. (COM-BP)
359A teenager boy with large B-cell lymphoma (AP-0803)
358A male in his 40s with Huntington's Disease (HD) (CP-0803)
357A female in her 60s with macrophagic myofasciitis. (COM-BP)
356Adolescents with ovarian masses (AP-0703)
355A female in her 40s with severe transfusion reaction (CP-0703, Purged)
354A male in his 30s with meningioma and meningioangiomatosis (COM-BP)
353A male in his 20s with atypical melanocytic neoplasm (AP-0603)
352A teenager girl with multiple congenital anomaly/mental retardation syndrome (CP-0603)
351A woman in her 50s with leptomeningeal Rosai-Dorfman disease (COM-BP)
350A diabetic male in his 50s with toxoplasmosis (COM-BP)
349A man in his 40s with acute pneumococcal meningo-encephalo-radiculitis (CP-0503)
348Aman in his 70s with renal cell carcinoma (AP-0503)
347A woman in her 40s with infiltrating ductal carcinoma (AP-0403, Purged)
346A young boy with Angelman syndrome (CP0403)
345A woman in her 40s with ectopic ependymoma of the liver (COM-BP)