Robert M. Wadowsky, ScD
Professor of Pathology

Dr. Wadowsky
Dr. Wadowsky is the Director of Pediatric Molecular Microbiology, Chief of Microbiology, and a member of the Division of Pediatric Pathology.
Office Location:
Department of Pathology, B260
Children's Hosptial of Pittsburgh
One Children's Hospital Drive
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15224
Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-692-5650
Fax: 412-692-6550


  • MS - University of Pittsburgh, 1978
  • ScD - University of Pittsburgh, 1983

Research Interests

Dr. Wadowsky is exploring the use of molecular techniques for diagnosis of infections in children. He has recently evaluated the automated QIAsymphony DNA extraction system for measuring Epstein-Barr Virus DNA load in whole blood using real-time PCR. He has also recently developed a real time RT PCR assay with a degenerate TaqMan MGB probe for detecting rhinovirus in respiratory tract specimens.

Dr. Wadowsky has published studies on development and evaluation of PCR-based assays for the detection of Bordetella pertussis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and Chlamydia pneumoniae in respiratory tract specimens. He is also interested in utilizing loop-mediated isothermal amplification technology for developing point-of-care testing assays for detection a variety of infectious agents including B. pertussis, methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, influenza virus, and respiratory syncytial virus.

Dr. Wadowsky is also exploring the use of molecular test systems for screening pregnant women for primary CMV infection and in diagnosing congenital CMV infection using Guthrie cards. Dr. Wadowsky is also an authority on Legionnaires' disease and Aspergillus infections in hospitalized patients.


American Academy of Microbiology, Registered Microbiologist (RMAAM)

Honors and Awards

University Scholar, University of Pittsburgh


  • American Society for Microbiology
  • Medical Alumni Association, University of Pittsburgh
  • Allegheny Branch of the American Society for Microbiology
  • Delta Omega, Omicron Chapter, Honorary Public Health Society
  • Pan American Society for Clinical Virology
  • Association for Molecular Pathology

Selected Publications

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Bista BR, Ishwad C, Wadowsky RM, Manna P, Randhawa PS, Gupta G, Adhikari M, Tyagi R, Gasper G, Vats A. 2007. Development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of BK virus. J Clin Microbiol 45:1581-1587.

Bingler MA, Feingold B, Miller SA, Quivers E, Michaels MG, Green M, Wadowsky RM, Rowe DT, Webber SA. 2008. Chronic high Epstein-Barr viral load state and risk for late-onset posttransplant lymphoproliferative disease/lymphoma in children. Am J Transplant 8:442-445.

Michelson P, Watkins B, Webber SA, Wadowsky RM, Michaels MG. 2008. Screening for PTLD in lung and heart-lung transplant recipients by measuring EBV DNA load in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid using real time PCR. Pediatr Transplant 12:464-468.

Do DH, Laus S, Leber A, Marcon MJ, Jordan JA, Wadowsky RM. 2010. A one-step, real-time PCR assay for rapid detection of rhinovirus. J Molec Diag 12:102-108.

Laus S, Kingsley LA, Green M, Wadowsky RM. 2011. Comparison of QIAsymphony automated and QIAamp manual DNA extraction systems for measuring Epstein-Barr virus DNA load in whole blood using real-time PCR. J Molec Diag 13:695-700.