Shashi Donthamsetty, B. Pharm, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor of Pathology

Dr. Donthamsetty
Dr. Shashi Donthamsetty is a member of the Division of Experimental Pathology.

Office Location:
Rm. S453, S-BST
200 Lothrop street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Contact Information:
Office Telephone: 412-383-8787
Fax: 412-648-1916

Research Interests

  • Liver Growth Regulation
  • Alcoholic and Non alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Acute liver failure

Selected Publications

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  1. Donthamsetty S, Bhave VS, Mars WM, Anne Orr, Megan M Haynes, Wu C and George K. Michalopoulos. Role of PINCH and its partner tumor suppressor Rsu-1 in regulating liver size and tumorigenesis. Plos One 2013.
  2. Bhave VS, Mars W, Donthamsetty S, Zhang X, Tan L, Luo J, Bowen WC, Michalopoulos GK. Regulation of Liver Growth by Glypican 3, CD81, Hedgehog, and Hhex. Am J Pathol, 2013.
  3. Donthamsetty S, Mars WM, Anne Orr, Wu C and Michalopoulos GK. Protection Against Fas-induced Fulminant Hepatic Failure in Liver Specific Integrin Linked Kinase Knockout Mice. Comparative Hepatology, 10 (1) 2011.
  4. Bhave VS, Paranjpe S, Bowen WC, Donthamsetty S, Bell AW, Khillian JP and George K. Michalopoulos Genes inducing iPS phenotype play a role in hepatocyte survival and proliferation in vitro and liver regeneration in vivo. Hepatology , 54 (4): 1360-70 2011.
  5. Chih Wen Lin, Wendy M. Mars Shirish Paranjpe, Donthamsetty S, Vishakha S. Bhave Liang I Kang, Anne Orr, William C. Bowen, Aaron W. Bell and George K. Michalopoulos. Hepatocyte Proliferation and Hepatomegaly Induced by Phenobarbital and TCPOBOP is Suppressed in Hepatocyte-Targeted Glypican 3 Transgenic. Hepatology, 2011, 54(2):620-30.
  6. Bhave VS, Donthamsetty S, Latendresse JR, Cunningham ML, Mehendale HM. Secretory phospholipase A(2)-mediated progression of hepatotoxicity initiated by acetaminophen is exacerbated in the absence of hepatic COX-2. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2011, 251(3):173-80
  7. Donthamsetty S, Bhave VS, Kliment CS, Bowen WC, Mars WM, Bell AW, OrrA, Bhave VB, Wu C and Michalopoulos GK Excessive Hepatomegaly of Mice with Hepatocyte-Targeted Elimination of Integrin Linked Kinase Following Treatment by TCPOBOP. Hepatology, 53(2):587-95 2011.
  8. Donthamsetty S, Bowen WC, Mars WM, Luo JH, OrrA, Bhave VB, Wu C, Michalopoulos GK. Liver Specific Ablation of Integrin Linked Kinase (ILK) in Mice Results in Enhanced and Prolonged cell proliferation and hepatomegaly after Phenobarbital Administration. Toxicological Sciences, 2009: 358-66.
  9. Apte U, Gkretsi V, Bowen WC, Mars WM, Luo JH, Donthamsetty S, Orr A, Monga SP, Wu C, Michalopoulos GK. Enhanced liver regeneration following changes induced by hepatocyte-specific genetic ablation of integrin-linked kinase Hepatology (2009):841-51.
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